Ventura Hydraulic & Mach Works

1555 Callens Rd
Ventura, California
93003, USA

phone (805) 656-1760

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Ventura Hydraulic and Machine Works, Inc. is a modern manufacturing and fabrication facility of offshore hydraulic systems. We design and build rig gripping and skidding equipment. Our Series 400 Ratcheting Jacking Claw products are in use worldwide, in areas such as the Santa Barbara Channel and the North Sea. Our skidding equipment is capable of moving the drilling rig and the pipe rack in a combined move, with a dead weight of more than 500 tons. Since 1965 we have successfully serviced Mining, Offshore, Mobile and Refuse and Agricultural Equipment.

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:10-14

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Fred H Malzacher (President)

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