US Academy of Parachute Rigging

4900 N Tumbleweed Rd
Eloy, Arizona
85231-1210, USA

phone 520.466.2655

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At the US Academy of Parachute Rigging, we offer extensive professional parachute rigger training courses to individuals as well as civilian and military organizations worldwide. Our Mission To provide world-class curriculum, instructors and facilities for training professional parachute riggers. To provide for the continued safety of parachute users worldwide through education and training. To support the international parachute industry by providing a continuous source of trained personnel. To provide for professionalism by Parachute Riggers. USAPR Training Facility & Equipment The USAPR is the first civilian training facility in the world to offer full-time staff and facilities for professional parachute rigger training. The 3000 sq. ft. facility includes dedicated class room and study areas, four separate inspection and packing areas for both round and square parachutes, 14 dedicated sewing machines, 15 different back, 6 chest, and 4 seat pack parachutes for training and familiarization. The USAPR also has an extensive inventory of specialized tools, and a comprehensive library of parachute manuals and instructions. The USAPR is co-located with Rigging Innovations, a major harness and container manufacturing facility, and is adjacent to Skydive Arizona, one of the world’s largest skydiving centers. USAPR Instructors USAPR has selected a staff of Master Riggers for their expertise in areas of rigging knowledge. These instructors have in excess for 60+ years experience in the field of parachute rigging and are experts in the following areas: Packing and sewing techniques Sewing machine technology, Canopy, harness and container alterations, repair and overhaul

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