Thompson Aluminum Casting Co., Inc.

4850 Chaincraft Rd.
Garfield Heights, Ohio
44125, USA

phone 216-581-9200
fax 216-475-6611

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To download files from Thompson's FTP site Click Here and use the login information that was provided to you. Thompson History Thompson Aluminum Casting Company Incorporated (TAC) was started in 1946 by Mr. Roy Thompson. Employment varied from one to three employees between 1946 and 1972. The primary product of TAC aluminum patterns was for gray iron foundries. Its customers were pattern shops and other foundries. Sales were about $50,000 per year. In 1972 TAC was purchased by Robert Thomas and his two sons with the concept of growing from a three-man shop producing relatively simple parts to a major producer of aluminum and magnesium castings. From 1972 to 1975 TAC occupied less than 4,000 square feet, but it began to take on more work serving general commercial markets. By 1978 sales grew to $1.3 million. The company was serving the very competitive housing industry and profit margins were slim. In 1980 SBA financing was obtained in order to invest in more sophisticated production equipment. From 1981 to 1987, after moving to a 26,000 square foot facility, sales grew 120%. From 1988 to present TAC went through more significant changes. Internal systems were upgraded and a new thrust into the aircraft market was made. TAC became certified by many aerospace and automotive manufacturers. We received certification from G.E., Pratt Whitney, Avco Lycoming, and Rolls Royce to produce aircraft engine components. Certifications also came from Boeing (Commercial and Military divisions), McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Sikorsky Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, Hughes Helicopter, Enstrom Helicopter, Lucas Aerospace, and Schweizer Aircraft. In addition, TAC started a prototyping program to produce experimental castings (functional prototypes) for simulated testing of future structural automotive projects. In November 1996, TAC suffered a major setback with the death of its president, Robert A. Thomas. In his role as president, Mr. Thomas saw his company grow from a 3 employee $50,000 a year business to a 65 employee multi-million dollar operation. Upon his death, his brother and partner for 24 years James Thomas assumed the presidency. Mr. Thomas has since led the company in many critical directions. In 1998 TAC obtained QS/ISO 9000 registration. Since less than 1% of the existing foundries are QS/ISO Certified, we feel we have strategically placed ourselves in a unique position. In 1999 TAC purchased Mass Foundry in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The acquisition expanded TAC's markets to include the semi-conductor industry and other commercial markets. The new millennium has brought many changes to TAC. With sales consistently increasing at a double-digit rate per year, the need to expand became a necessity. TAC constructed a new 52,000 square foot state-of the-art facility. The new facility enables TAC to continue our aggressive but controlled vision of a modern foundry. TAC has, with the construction of our new modern facility, our QS/ISO registration, our expanded customer base, our patented MCF process, our low pressure permanent mold process for magnesium, our research and development contracts with various government agencies, and the continued attention to quality, price and delivery, positioned ourselves to continue strong growth through the 21st century. Home

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