Skip's Outdoor Accents Sheds Gazebos & Playsets

199 Worcester Providence
Sutton, Massachusetts
1590, USA

phone (508) 865-7645
fax (413) 781-3705

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Why Skips? At Skips Outdoor Accents, inc. we're committed to offering the highest quality products at the best possible prices and providing the best customer service possible. While this may be a simple concept it is often tough for competitors to match.It's really quite simple. Our volume makes it possible to take advantage of manufacturer rebates not available to smaller retailers. It also allows us to form strategic alliances with manufacturers of specialty items such as chimineas, outdoor furniture, housewares and even playhouses!These relationships are not just formed with anybody. We seek out the best of the best. No supplier or even a single product is offered to our customers without being absolutely certain that it is the best available.

Business type

  • Manufacturer

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:10-14

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John Ansart (Owner)

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