Schalleur, Devine & Surgent, LLC

237 W Lancaster Ave
Devon, Pennsylvania
19333, USA

phone (610) 975-9122

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About Surgent McCoy Bringing together the two largest providers of tax and financial-planning CPE in the nation, Surgent McCoy combines to bring you 40 years of expertise in this field. Our collective resources enable us to bring you over 2000 seminars in 2006. This includes public seminars offered through state societies of CPAs, as well as in-house seminars presented to public accounting firms and corporations of all types and sizes. All seminars feature our nationally recognized discussion leaders. We also offer self-study courses for sale in textbook, CD-ROM, on-line, and audio formats.We have established a reputation for high quality and value and are committed to the constant improvement, updating, and technological advancement of our products and services. We employ leading experts to develop and write our course materials, which are the most practical and comprehensive available.Our courses are not only geared toward CPAs in public accounting; in fact, many of our courses are structured for financial professionals in the corporate world as well. Our course materials take you beyond your CPE needs by serving as a constant source of reference in your professional career.

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