Saegertown Manufacturing Corp.

1 Crawford St., P.O. Box 648
Saegertown, Pennsylvania
16433-0828, USA

phone 814-763-2655
fax 814-763-2069

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About company

Your single source for cold headed, cold forged, cold formed and screw-machined parts and gear blanks. We are pleased to inform you that as of March 1, 2008, SMC has joined the MacLean-Fogg family of companies! Welcome to Saegertown Manufacturing Corporation. We strive to meet all your part production needs, from engineering recommendations and parts design, through processes including: cold forming, cold heading, cold forging and screw-machining. SMC is devoted to producing precision parts for a variety of industries such as transportation, appliance, energy, road construction, industrial fittings, and fire protection. We realize companies doing their own cold forming may occasionally experience interruptions in those operations. SMC has back-up cold forming services to keep you in production while your interruption is resolved. We are proud of our reputation and the levels of service we can offer you. Some of our highlights. - TOP 10% ranking for quality and delivery performance by virtually every customer.

Business type

  • Manufacturer

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