4721 Morrison Dr # 200
Mobile, Alabama
36609, USA

phone (251) 706-3084
fax (309) 925-3531

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STI is a leading provider of Education Data Management solutions to the K-12 market. STI’s fully integrated suite of products addresses attendance, scheduling, special education, assessment, discipline, grade reporting, professional development, fund accounting, health, and parent/teacher communications. Over 6,000 schools in 28 states use our solutions. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.What is Education Data Management (EDM)? It’s a new, integrated approach for managing data at the district level—Student Information, Assessments, Professional Development Data, and Special Education Data. STI’s EDM solutions provide increased efficiency and reliability to data management processes, allowing districts to focus on their core mission—student achievement.STI’s success is based on providing innovative software programs for the K-12 market, as well as on a comprehensive service and support approach. This unique approach includes intimate training and capacity building for school, district and state customers. This approach has led to very high customer satisfaction and an equally high retention rate of customers over the last twenty years. STI’s support and customer care representatives do not stay in a call center. They actually visit schools and do in-person training for customers. STI’s Support Services Department also produces a series of user conferences every year, which routinely attract thousands of customers. These conferences are important vehicles to deliver training, and they provide a cost effective way for end users to receive training, while providing a networking opportunity to share best practices.

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  • Number of employees:100-199

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Gene Pflederer (President)

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