Russell's Technical Products Inc.

1145 S Washington Ave
Holland, Michigan
49423, USA

phone (616) 392-3161
fax (317) 770-6590

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Russells Technical Products began when Russells Refrigeration Co., a commercial and industrial refrigeration sales and service company, was acquired in 1972 by Mr. Donald Bench. Since then, Russells has been designing and manufacturing environmental test systems and providing a comprehensive and varied product line including both pre-engineered and custom products. This has allowed Russells to attract and retain the technical expertise required in this field. Mr. Bench has been in the environmental test chamber manufacturing business since the 1950's starting with Conrad Inc., one of the original pioneering companies in this industry. Mr. Bench served Conrad as Chief Engineer and later becoming its President.Russells' management team has over 150 years experience in the design and manufacture of environmental test systems. Russells' personnel are qualified and skilled in all phases of the design and manufacturing process. Its business philosophy is to operate self-sufficiently in terms of utilizing modest but functional facilities and equipment to maintain a low overhead structure and enhance the value of its products. It owns its manufacturing facilities and capital equipment such as sheet metal fabrication, welding, electrical, refrigeration and painting equipment in order to maintain closer control and quality of these operations than if sub-contracted to outside suppliers.Today, Russells is poised for future growth. With its seasoned yet innovative management team, a brand new state-of-the-art facility, a strong product line, and a dedicated work force, Russells can provide its customers with the best solution for their environmental testing needs.

Business type

  • Manufacturer

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:1-4

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Lee Ulrich (Manager)

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