Radiant Color

2800 Radiant Ave
Richmond, California
94801-1103, USA

phone 510.970.7771

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RADIANT COLOR are producing and marketing FLUORESCENT PIGMENTS and DISPERSIONS , SPECIAL COLOUR CONCENTRATES and EFFECT COLORANTS. RADIANT COLOR form part of the Fluorescent Color Group of the US multinational RPM International with headquarters in Medina, Ohio. RPM is a world leader in a.o. Specialty Coatings and Fluorescent Colorants. In 1967 RADIANT COLOR started to operate from their facility in Houthalen, Belgium, situated in the centre of the country with excellent connections to the major European industrial regions. In house activities include R&D, Sales & Marketing, Production and Distribution. Besides the Belgian operation RPM has production units for Fluorescent Pigments in the USA and Great Britain. Fluorescent Pigments and Dispersions find their way to basic industries like Inks, Coatings and Plastics and a wide range of specific applications, where elements related to Publicity, Safety and Fashion have a dominant power.

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