Miller Precision Industries

PO Box 489
Ottoville, Ohio
45876, USA

phone (419) 453-3251
fax (419) 453-3030

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MPI was started in late 1988 to provide job shop services. We decided in 1994 to break ground for a new facility. This new facility would be 14,500 square feet, containing two loading docks, convenient offices and an easily accessible manufacturing area. With this facility came new opportunities. We recognized the fact that with these opportunities we needed to modify our capabilities, without changing our current goal, to satisfy the customer.With recent increased sales, and the need to keep efficiency up, we added in 1997 an additional 12,000 square feet to our facility. Our total plant size is now 26,000 square feet on six acres. We have the resources to meet our needs, as well as the needs of our customers. We now have four loading docks, a newly updated office and manufacturing equipment that range from manual to computerized. Our capabilities have also increased e are now able to offer a wide range of machining operations, such as turning, drilling, tapping, milling, boring, as well as many customer aiding functions such as inspection charting, receiving, storing, packaging and shipping. Our customer base has increased as well. We do manufacturing for fork trucks, rubber and plastic products, appliances, health care, automotive and agricultural implements, with plans for more in the future.

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  • Number of employees:30-49

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Jim Miller (Owner)

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