Lynne B Wilson & Associates Realtor

PO Box 296
Blue Jay, California
92317-0296, USA

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Keeping up with Lynne B. Wilson can be exhausting! A veteran Real Estate Broker and recipient of many Realtor Achievement Awards Ms. Wilson successfully balances her career with selling Real Estate in Lake Arrowhead and Beverly Hills, California! She began her career with the prestigious Realty firm of Bob Crane Associates, on the Sunset Strip. October 13, 2004 marked her 32nd year in Real Estate. Ms. Wilson presently resides on the North Shore of Lake Arrowhead and employs 14 Independent Agents from her offices located at 27180 State Highway 189 in Blue Jay, and 23736 Lake Drive in Crestline. Over the years Ms. Wilson has sold hundreds of properties and maintains a unique, entrepreneurial organization. She is closely connected with the theatrical community having represented many well known stars and caters to the 'high end' market in Lake Arrowhead.

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