Letterkraft Printers Inc

1723-25 Fourth Street
Peru, Illinois
61354, USA

phone (815) 223-0391
fax (815) 223-0489

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LKCS provides a full line of Web Services to meet your marketing needs. Whether your goal is to attract new business, provide a stronger online presence, improve the marketing of your products and services - or something in between, turn to LKCS. Contact us today!

Our in-house printing company strives to meet your needs- whether it's one color to full color and small jobs to large! Our reputation for quality printing, design, marketing experience, and mailing efficiency has attracted customers from 48 states nationwide .

Attention to detail and an obsession with quality are just two reasons our customers trust LKCS with their printing needs. With precision offset printing and bindery equipment, LKCS can meet all of your print production needs in-house.

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  • Number of employees:30-49

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Michael Dudek (President)

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