Larry's Markets, Inc.

11321 NE 120th St Bldg West
Kirkland, Washington
98034, USA

phone (425) 820-2300

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Larry’s Markets has grown into a leader in the nation’s supermarket industry. However, it was not always as it is today. It has been a long steady climb to being voted Seattle’s #1 supermarket and establishing nationwide recognition.Larry, founder and owner of Larry’s Markets, has early memories of bagging groceries and running errands at his parents’ corner grocery store in Seattle. Not only did he work there, but the entire family lived directly above the store. You could say Larry has always been close to the business, in one fashion or another.After graduating from the University of Washington in 1960, Larry went to work at his father’s newly purchased store located at 144th and Pacific Highway South. By 1964 Larry had opened his own store in the Central Seattle area. In 1974 Larry bought his father’s store and two years later, in 1976, replaced it with a 25,000 square foot Larry’s Market. In 1980 a 7,000 square foot addition was made necessary by the growing volume. In June of 1993 a brand new 55,000 square foot store was built directly across the street with all of our new improved departments and designs.

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