Jamison, Money, Farmer & Co.

PO Box 2347
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
35403, USA

phone (205) 366-4079
fax (205) 366-4000

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Carl C. Jamison, one of the first Certified Public Accountants in the state of Alabama, founded Jamison, Money, Farmer & Company, P.C. in 1920. He developed accounting systems for many local institutions, including the City of Tuscaloosa, Stillman College, The Tuscaloosa News, and Druid City Hospital. His reputation as an expert in municipal, non-profit, and hospital accounting systems soon led to work throughout Alabama. With a career spanning economic prosperity to depression and back again, Carl Jamison was one of the most highly respected and preferred accountants in the state when he unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 52.At that time, one of Carl's three sons redirected his own career and decided to join the practice while attending the University of Alabama. William "Billy" Jamison had not yet completed his accounting studies before turning to professors at the University of Alabama to help locate an experiencedpractitioner to assist him. The professors recommended James E. Money, a much sought-after tax expert who had years of experience with the IRS before entering public practice. In 1948, Money moved from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, merged his practice and the firm became Jamison and Money. An aggressive leader in the accounting field, Money was twice appointed to the governing council of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In the years that followed, Jamison, Money, Farmer & Company, P.C. became known for its ability to attract exceptional talent into the firm, such as former shareholders Hugh Farmer, Frank Shumate, Charles Horton, Dick Miles, Harold Phillips and Buddy Burton. When Carl Jamison's grandson, Carl T. Jamison, became one of ten partners in 1987, JMF was one of the first public accounting firms in Alabama with three generations of family ownership.

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  • Number of employees:70-99

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Jerry Humber (Manager)

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