Intensive Auto and Truck Repair

101 S Hardy Ave
Madrid, Nebraska
69150-4128, USA

phone 308.326.4311

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Intensive Auto and Truck Sales and Service is an authorized Hydra Line Dealer. Call for details.Since 1983, Triple C has been an innovator in agricultural hay bale handling and feeding, as well as material handling equipment.The Hydra Bed ™ completely equips your 3/4 or 1-ton pickup for ranch or farm use. The flush mounted, live hydraulic powered bale handler is integrated into the flat-bed. This patented system will do your winter feeding, summer hay handling and year round cattle moving as well as many other lifting, hauling and towing tasks. From the comfort and safety of your truck cab, using the fingertip controls, anyone can haul bales weighing 2750 pounds each. Transport the load at highway speeds and then rack feed or completely unroll the bales for pasture feeding.Across Bed Toolbox, WB122070. Tool tray, efficient use of area not occupied by Bale, weather resistant.Box Scraper, BS760. Works well for spreading gravel and snow removal , dirt and many other scraper tasks.Dump Box, DB200. Two cubic yards, up to 180 degrees dumping angle. Compatible with Hydra Feeder - Across Bed Toolbox combination.Post Hole Digger, INT1119C. Fits 6,9, and 12 inch augers. It is a post hole digging machine! Saves a lot of sweat.

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