Hooks Van Holm, Inc.

Spalding Bldg 8010 Roswell Rd Ste 100
Atlanta, Georgia
30350, USA

phone (770) 393-9693

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About company

Hooks Van Holm, Inc. (HVH) is a professional real estate asset management company based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in high volume single-family real estate sales. HVH has nearly 50 full-time employees working directly with more than 200 subcontractors to swiftly move its clients’ inventory. Its talented and dedicated staff prides itself on providing its clients with personal attention while thinking outside of the box to deliver results and, most importantly, maximum returns.HVH's philosophy and approach to asset management has separated it from the masses and has recently landed HVH with two coveted Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing Contracts. In 1996, HUD implemented a plan that outsourced its asset management function to private real estate asset management companies. The resulting private-public partnerships, via a stringent bidding process, landed HVH with contracts to manage, market and sell approximately 10,000 single family HUD Homes in Alabama, Delaware, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania. The sales will return more than a half billion dollars of taxpayer money to the FHA Fund.

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