Home Place Furniture & Interiors

36000 Emerald Coast Parkway
Destin, Florida
32541, USA

phone (850) 837-6618
fax (251) 635-1445

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About company

Founded in 1981 by Hank Browne, Hank's Furniture, dba. Hank's Fine Furniture, sister store to Home Place Furniture, grew to 19 stores in 5 states and is one of America's Top 100 Furniture Retailers. In 2001, Hank Browne saw the need on the Gulf Coast for the type of store he had been so successful with in several states. He opened Home Place Furniture in Panama City, Florida. In 2002 he opened the second Home Place Furniture Store in Pensacola, Florida.The next addition was a huge distribution center and showroom in Mobile .Alabama in 2003. The newest addtion in 2004 is our Home Place Furniture & Interior showroom in Destin, Florida, right across from the Destin Commons.From the very beginning, our success has been built on quality furniture, bedding and accessories at excellent values with a dedication to service after the sale.Because of our size and experience in the business . . . we are able to buy the very best in style and quality and offer it to you at an amazing value.

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:1-4

  • Year founded:1981

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