HUMAN Healthy Vending

333 S Wilton Pl
Los Angeles, California
90020-4505, USA

phone 619.846.3521

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With 5+ years of experience vending ONLY healthy items, we know what works & what doesn't. The 5 Es: Experience. Since 2003, we've tested over 1000 different products in our vending machines. We put together customized product-mix offerings for each unique location based on this data. Economics. We offer the lowest prices on over 1000 food & beverages. This means lower prices for consumers & healthier profits for operators & locations. Education. Each h.u.m.a.n. program launch includes an educational component that is designed to develop loyal and high-value customers. Expertise. Our company was founded by a biomedical engineer & has a health advisory board full of medical doctors, certified nutritionists, registered dieticians, & public health specialists. We know health & nutrition. Enjoyment. Great nutrition does nothing without great taste. That.s why each of our products must pass a health test AND a taste test. Even the most discerning eater will find snacks & drinks that they enjoy. On the next slide, learn how we customize our product offerings to fit your unique needs. h.u.m.a.n. has 5+ years of taste test research. This mean YOU get the healthiest, tastiest products.Watch the video to see how.

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