H&E Management Associates Ltd.

10903 Indian Head Hwy Ste 403
Fort Washington, Maryland
20744-4016, USA

phone 301.292.6555

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Lifestyle Director will possess great communication, customer service skills and have a solid knowledge/proficient use of MS Office skills in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Provide facilities and administrative management at our Cameron Grove Community located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to include maintenance and support staff, indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center, banquet hall, meeting room, kitchen, business center, recreation room, lounge and other areas pursuant to H&E Management and HOA guidelines, policies and procedures. Lifestyle Director will manage staff, coordinate the social calendar and events for the community on and off site, possess a creative ability to develop activities for the residents. Office management duties to include: payroll reporting, analysis and auditing of inventory, develop and propose the annual operating budget for the center. Perform a variety of related tasks as needed. Salary begins at $40k including a benefits package - Health, Vision, Dental, Life, Disability, and Vacation Please email or fax resumes to TammiMiles@hemgmt.com / 301-292-1935 10903 Indian Head Hwy. Suite 403 Fort Washington, Maryland 20744 Office 301-292-6555 / Fax 301-292-1935

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