Great Barrington Pottery

391 N Plain Rd
Housatonic, Massachusetts
1236, USA

phone (413) 274-6259
fax (413) 274-6260

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About company

Richard Bennett merges East and West in his work : the shapes are traditional, but his glazes in exquisite glowing colors, are entirely his own. Inspired by the Chinese Sung Dynasty, often called "The kingdom of Beauty", of which he is a specialist, he lectures on same in Universities around the world. The pottery is shaped form Georgia red clay and glazed with Japanese feldspar, wood ash and rice straw ash. It is then fired in a traditional woodburning kilm in Japan and America; gas in Ireland and gas in Chiangmai where there is little or no wood.

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:5-9

Company contacts

Richard Bennett (Owner)

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