Folsoms Furniture

18 Waterboro Rd
Alfred, Maine
04002, USA

phone 1 207 324 5800
fax (207) 324-9485

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About company

Folsoms Furniture has been providing quality home furnishings since its founding in 1898. The following is a brief company history: Folsoms was started in the fall of 1898 by two brothers, Willis and Robert Folsom. The store became known as Folsom Bros. and was originally located in the village of Springvale, Maine. The original business plan was to become a full-service store, where a person could purchase everything to set up "housekeeping." A complete selection of draperies, pins and needles, coal stoves, pots and pans, sewing machines and actually anything needed for a home was available. One has to remember that this was before "the day of the automobile," and people were not as mobile as in the early 1900's. The store was on the local trolley line, so one could catch the trolley from Sanford for the sum of 5 cents to shop in the village of Springvale. Deliveries were made by Robert Folsom using a wagon with a beloved horse named "Dolly." In the winter months a "pung" was used. The original pung (found some years ago) is now on display at Folsoms' store in Alfred, Maine. The original store burned in 1905 but was rebuilt and opened again a year later. Business continued to grow, and in 1922 Rodney Folsom joined his father, Robert, and his Uncle Willis in the furniture store. The "Great Depression" was an extremely difficult time for Folsom Bros. Many times furniture was sold well below cost in order to pay bills and put food on the table...

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  • Number of employees:10-14

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John H Folsom Ii (President)

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