Folders Made Easy by Winthrop-Atkins

35 E Main St
Middleboro, Massachusetts
2346, USA

phone (888) 463-7888
fax (508) 947-7905

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About company

Winthrop-Atkins Company was founded in 1919 and has a long-standing history with the town of Middleboro. It is probably one of the few existing businesses that for many years employed mostly local residents and many of their family members.Originally started by Horace K. Atkins, the company took shape when Horace decided to call upon his World War I training as an aerial photographer for the U.S. Army, rather than return to the cranberry growing business associated with his family on Cape Cod. Subsequently, he began his own photo-finishing business. In 1923, Horace’s brother-in-law, Frank Winthrop, joined in this venture and Winthrop-Atkins was born. The primary location of the company being Middleboro, MA, other facilities included Providence, RI and New York City.As the depression loomed upon the horizon, the Providence and New York facilities were forced to close. Shortly thereafter, the Middleboro plant expanded its photo finishing business to include the manufacture of desk calendars which helped to launch the company into the vast wilderness of Specialty Advertising. A hall of fame member of the Promotional Products Association and the Photo Association, Atkins built the company into a major supplier of specialty paper products until 1973.

Business type

  • Manufacturer

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:100-199

  • Year founded:1919

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