Fisherman S Factory Outlet

701 Dakota Ave
South Sioux City, Nebraska
68776-2058, USA

phone 402.494.6930

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When it comes to bass fishing, the most important tackle of all is the fishing lures. Many believe that a bass fisherman is only good as his fishing lures. This is only fifty percent true because in reality, a fishing lure is only useful if the fisherman knows how to use it properly. On the market, there are literally thousands of different bass fishing lures available. There are so many variety of lures that chances at the local bait shop will not have all of them available to you. In the world of bass fishing, trends come and go, and new technologies are invented everyday, which is why it is important to keep updated on the latest news if you want to catch bass. Almost every lures that is created has one goal in mind, and that is to replicate the fish and other aquatic animals that the bass prey on. There are topwater lures, the lightest lure that can float in the water. The craw cranks which looks like a small crab. The crank baits that looks like a fish with long mouth, and the buzz bait that produces a noise to attract the bass to strike it. The Pop Roller is a delicate bass bait, ideal for calm conditions and creek channel fishing.The Chug Roller, with its echoing, deep chug, calls the fish as it runs through the water. The Rip Roller series is the most popular among bass fisherman and the best selling lures on the market. Due to the noise that the prop makes when skimming through the water, it attract fish near and far. Rounding out the series are the Crank Roller and Wiggle Roller, known for its un-paralleled buoyancy, flash and structure bumping reactions. The High Roller is designed for professional bass fisherman. These lures are proven extremely strong and known for their top performance. Originally made for smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing, they can also be used to fish for other freshwater gamefish. The High Roller offers poppers, aggressive walking baits, noise crank baits and the prop baits. All these lures are made to outperform and out-catch the competition. There are also the Classic Bass Fishing Lures. Similar to the Pro Series Jig, it is weedless with dual rattles built inside. The Pro Series Spinner Baits has a premium plated blades. In tournament, the most widely used bait is the Tournament Series Spinner Bait. Another great lures is the Clacking Buzz bait, it is the nosiest buzz bait and popular around the world. Lures are important in bass fishing because it is the link of the fisherman to the bass. Without lures, bass fishing won’t be possible. Knowing how to use the lures correctly, will catch you more fish. As with any sports, practice is needed in order to perfect your skills, especially in bass fishing.

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