Fiber Optic Design, Inc.

5152 Bolsa Ave # 108
Huntington Beach, California
92649-1047, USA

phone 1 714 892 9666

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About company

Fiber Optic Design, Inc. is celebrating over 30 years of "Lighting Up" products, since 1975. Michael C. Petell, President, founder of Fiber Optic Design, Inc. of Huntington Beach, California, inventors and manufacturers of fiber optic products. Michael has more than 25 years experience in the engineering and design of fiber optic special effects and manufacturing of fiber optic products. Some of Michaelas special effects clients includes: Houston Space Center (NASA); Disney; Steven Spielbergas Music, Light and Sound; Lucas Films; Orion Motion Pictures; E.T., the Ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood; Mystery Lodge at Knots Berry Farm, California, which he was honored the prestigious THEA Award in 1996 for special fiber optic lighting effects. Michael helped co-founded The World Football League in 1972-1975 as Director of Licensing and Vice President of Marketing. The 40th Anniversary issue in Sports Illustrated magazine, dated September 19, 1994 featured honored guests who have most significantly altered or evaluated the world of sports in the last four decades. Michael has published numerous technical papers and business articles on fiber optic technology over the years. He has invented, developed and patented numerous products. Products such as fiber optic baseball "light" caps, Caplites UpTM; NFL fiber optic mini and Deluxe replica football helmets, fiber optic Nascars, Major League Baseball batting helmets, jackets, pennants, signs and other related licensed products. ...

Business type

  • Manufacturer

Fact sheet

  • Year founded:1975

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