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About company

EnFlex® is a set hardware and software components that web enables and adds network connectivity to existing facility information and control systems. Our customers are small, large, and diverse enterprises who need to leverage investments in existing energy management and building control systems but need to effectively manage energy use and facility operations through a single integrated facility monitoring and control system. EnFlex incorporates the latest software and network technologies and applies them to legacy systems to produce an end-to-end facility information system that truly serves the unique requirements of the customer. EnFlex powered solutions enable building and energy managers to cost effectively monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of any number of facilities not equipped with a networked building management system. Case studies show that EnFlex-based solutions easily and effectively scale serve both small and large facilities.Network connectivity and data flow from individual sites is managed by the EnFlex Control Server. The powerful Site Control Server, unique to EnFlex, resides at a remote facility and connects to a variety of existing systems and devices within that facility. It effectively transports information from these systems and devices over TCP/IP networks, the Internet, and corporate Intranets. The Site Control Server provides intelligent integration of remote facility systems into various software applications.EnFlex has released its comprehensive eWebConnect enterprise facility monitoring software. This open, flexible software package aggregates information from a large number of facilities into a central database and management structure. It delivers powerful web-based enterprise reporting, alarm handling, and central control capabilities to facility operations. Personnel at all levels can instantly view critical facility operations, make comparisons, and troubleshoot problems. EnFlex eWebConnect provides the information infrastructure that a customer needs to efficiently operate and maintain its facilities.

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