Dalco Industries Inc.

3730 Salem St
Denver, Colorado
80239, USA

phone (303) 371-3950
fax (303) 371-3959

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About company

Dalco Industries and Teton Steel are one of the Rocky Mountain West's premier reinforcing steel and concrete accessory outfits. We are employee-owned, locally-run, and completely dedicated to serving our customers, from the smaller customer looking to complete a driveway, all the way to the huge manager building a super highway. For over 50 years, we've built the region and a lasting relationship with our customers. Our extensive product line includes: rebar, wire mesh, forming ties, couplers, patches, grouts, cures and seals, patches, form release, insulation, void forms, vapor barrier, and waterstop. Our specialty lines include: roof hatches, floor doors, trench drain systems, wire mesh partitions, floor mats, and access doors. Through our relationships with only the world's top manufacturers, we offer our customers the top products at fair market prices. FALL means cool weather for optimum work and increased traffic for business. Dalco is prepared with extra help, longer hours, and heavier stock loads. Call us today to get your will call or delivery going before that snow and cold winter weather moves in!

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:30-49

Company contacts

Bruce Hirsch (President)

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