Crystal Lake Akita

PO BOX 841
Lake Hamilton, Florida
33851, USA

phone (863) 438-9077

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Crystal Lake Akita is located in Lake Hamilton, just south of Orlando, Florida. Our Akitas are very friendly and they socialized from day one with kids. The first Akita was given to us as a gift by my brother. We felt so proud when we walked her and people were giving us compliments about our dog. We got hooked by the beauty and the presence of the dog. It was not long after that we purchased an AKC puppy and we bred her with the son of a champion. We kept a puppy from the litter by the name of Niki. Niki had 7 puppies of her own. They were placed in lovely homes by the time they were 9 weeks old. Our Akitas are well mannered and we take great pride by having them.

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