Checkwell Decision Corporation

200 - 19433 - 96th Ave
Surrey, British Columbia
V4N 4C4, Canada

phone (604) 881-2011
fax (604) 323-3097

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Founded in 1997, BackCheck specializes in pre-employment background checks, including Criminal Record Checks, Credit Bureau Inquiries, Reference Interviews, Employment Verifications, Education Verifications, and Driver Abstracts. Outside of Canada, BackCheck offers services to clients in the US, the UK, and abroad. With thousands of clients ranging in size from under 100 to over 150,000 employees, BackCheck is a leading global provider of pre-employment due diligence.

With operations centres located in Vancouver, Montreal & the UK, BackCheck is able to leverage economies of scale and extend excellent cost savings to our client base. BackCheck’s extended business hours of near 24/7 availability are facilitated by our geographically diverse operations centres. BackCheck services are available internationally, and can be completed in any language. BackCheck provides the highest level of service possible, and we stand behind everything we do with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

BackCheck’s goal is to prevent the hiring of fraudulent, dishonest or otherwise poor quality employees by providing our clients with the information to make well-informed hiring decisions. We are committed to staying at the forefront of human rights, employment and privacy laws in order to ensure full compliancy with relevant legislation. In Canada, our policies and consent forms were developed in accordance with national and provincial privacy legislation, including complete compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA. We have established relationships with law firms and government agencies, along with several police departments nationally that consistently update us regarding policy and procedural changes.

BackCheck’s services are user-friendly, allowing employers to conduct comprehensive background checks on their employment candidates with ease. Candidates simply complete the appropriate release forms for each service required, and the client faxes them to us along with a copy of the candidate’s identification and resume. Turnaround times vary depending on the service, with most services in Canada available the next business day.

BackCheck’s state-of-the-art web-based report delivery system delivers results to clients in real-time. As each service is completed and reviewed for quality, clients are automatically notified online. When BackCheck is provided with incomplete service requests, or is missing information required to complete a service request, notifications are automatically delivered to minimize potential delays in the hiring process. BackCheck’s bank-calibre online delivery system is permissions-based, ensuring forgery-proof results are delivered to the right people in a timely manner.

BackCheck recently launched, an innovative new platform that offers an entirely online process for ordering, storing and managing Canadian Criminal Record Checks. Candidates can request their check online, receive their results, and choose which organizations they share the results with for volunteer and employment positions.

Through our additional business lines, Checkwell provides comprehensive workforce data that assists our clients in the management of their human capital. ConcernCheck is a confidential tip line for employees to anonymously report their workplace concerns, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. MoraleCheck’s services allow clients to assess employees’ opinions and overall satisfaction at varying points during their employment with the company. ExitCheck investigates the reasons employees are leaving our clients through detailed web- and telephone-based interviews and reporting.

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  • Service provider

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  • Number of employees:400

  • Year founded:1997

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Tina Hansen (EA to the President)

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Stephen Dinesen (Vice President)

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