Champion Road Skills

7300 Whitmore Lake Rd
Brighton, Michigan
48116, USA

phone (734) 878-8336

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Welcome to Champion Road Skills Champion Road Skills was established in 1997. There have been a few different starting locations over the past few years which have included Country Elementary in Pinckney, Hamburg Elementary in Hamburg, Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Brighton, and Hawkins Elementary in Brighton. At Champion Road Skills it is the belief to make everyone as comfortable and less nervous as possible. It is understandable while taking any type of test the participants will be nervous. I find the less nervous anyone is the better they will do. I like to see people do well but will certainly advise them if they need just a little more practice in any part of the test. I am a firm believer in "practice makes perfect". Currently I am offering "Flexible Friendly Scheduling" at my new location on Grand River Ave in Brighton. By having a designated parking lot just for Automobile Road Testing it is easier to make appointments that will be convenient for everyone's busy schedule...

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  • Year founded:1997

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