Carter's Concrete Block, Inc

5110 W US Highway 24
Logansport, Indiana
46947, USA

phone (574) 722-2644

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Carter's Concrete Block, Inc. for over 70 years has provided lasting brick solutions for the Indiana construction, commercial residential markets. Using our vast knowledge in BRICK SUPPLY, MATERIAL SUPPLY, and SUPPLY SERVICES we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations. By projecting a strong customer driven process and good old-fashioned hard work we are one of Indiana's largest distributors of brick and stone. With hundreds of choices including color, shapes, and textures make us your choice for the future. WHEN YOU THINK BRICK SUPPLY? THINK CARTER'S CONCRETE BLOCK! The Carter's Concrete Block, Inc. team consists of 25 hard-working, professional service oriented individuals that have more than 10 years of experience in their fields. With a large team of workers we never rely on subcontractors and are able to maintain the quality, integrity and high standards of our business.

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