Camp Navajo

1 Hughes Ave Bldg 15
Bellemont, Arizona
86015, USA

phone (602) 267-2351

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Garrison Commander Deputy Commander Dir. for Ammunition Operations QASAS Personnel Directory Org Chart Camp Navajo is in the business of providing depot-level logistical support to sustain and maintain the military readiness of various DoD agencies and civilian customers. The services Camp Navajo provides include the receipt, storage, maintenance, inventory, surveillance and shipping of a variety of commodities. The Arizona Revised Statute that limited our ability to do business with the commercial and civilian sectors has changed, and the limitations dropped. As a result, we can now do business commercially and with private businesses. We seek to provide a service that is lacking here in Northern Arizona. Camp Navajo is a Department of Defense facility, which is operated by the Arizona National Guard. Through the United States Property and Fiscal Officer for Arizona, Camp Navajo has the ability to enter into Interservice Support Agreements with Federal agencies. The Camp Navajo infrastructure consists of workshops, surveillance facilities, 2.3 million SF of general purpose warehousing, and both rail and truck loading facilities. To receive information on rates and available storage space, contact: Garrison Commander (928) 773-3200 DSN 853-3301 Director for Operations (928) 773-3222 DSN 853-3222 Camp Navajo Liaison (602) 267-2351 DSN 853-2351

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