Burlington Graphic Systems, Inc

2600 Chicory Rd
Racine, Wisconsin
53403-4151, USA

phone (262) 554-8808

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Burlington Graphic System, Inc., commonly called BGS or Burlington Graphics, was founded in 1984 by President and Owner Philip M. Holtje. The business began small however grew rapidly through aggressive marketing, intense customer service, and production efficiencies. In 1985, BGS purchased a facility at 1339 Industrial Park Drive in Union Grove, Wisconsin. By 1987 the plant was too small to adequately house BGS' operations. Sales continued to grow. A 6400 square foot addition was constructed that year. One year later in 1988 the office facilities were more than doubled by yet another addition. Also in 1988, an additional facility at 715 Center Street was purchased to become the home of our rotary die cutting operation and material storage. BGS continued to expand production capabilities and capacity. In 1992 the Screen Printing Association, the premier industry association, ranked Burlington Graphic Systems in the top 100 in the industry in sales dollars.

Fact sheet

  • Year founded:1984

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