Browne Racing

130 Whipporwill Ln
Semora, North Carolina
27343, USA

phone (336) 234-7368

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At Browne's Design & Fabrication we understand drag racing because we do it from top to bottom and we work with the best names in the industry. Our 88 cubic inch Shovelhead Turbo ran a 7.91 second 170 mph quarter mile and our new 120 inch Pro Gas 4 cam motor is into the 7.50's at 176mph. We do all sorts of custom work for our clients covering everything from stretched swingarms on one end and custom forks on the other end to everything in between. We hold the AHDRA #1 Plate for the Pro Gas Gas class with our RB Racing/RSR Fuel Injected and Turbocharged 4 cam motor. We are running Delkron 4 cam cases and a three speed transmission with a timed Nitrous assist. The combination proved to be super reliable meet after meet with only a small amount of transmission breakage problems. As we upped the horsepower and worked on our clutch management we finally broke a set of Carrillo rods (they had been in a long long time) which we replaced with a heavier, but stronger, set of McClure rods. All the construction you see here from the frame to the body to the paint and all machine work to get the #1 Pro Gas plate was done at Browne's Design & Fabrication. No matter what class you want to run, we have the experience and skills to get the job done. To show you that we don't just work on all out full race stuff, look at the clean street and strip bikes pictured below.

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