Bluewave Antenna Systems Ltd.

7015 8th Street Northeast
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 8A2, Canada

phone (403) 291-4422

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Bluewave’s founders had been working in the SCADA industry throughout the 1980’s and early 90’s - engineering, installing and operating systems in Northern Alberta, Northeastern British Columbia, and locations as distant as the Beaufort Sea. It was the vast number of perceived deficiencies found in existing Yagi antennas available in the marketplace that led to the development of Bluewave Antennas.Installing antennas in remote locations, and typically in adverse weather conditions exposed the design deficiencies of the antennas generally available on the market at that time. Water in connections, freezing fingers, and the amount of time spent in nasty weather hanging off towers installing substandard antennas was no longer going to be an option. Too many times communication systems had failed due to poor antenna connections or antennas that just fell apart over time. Revisiting these installed sites was costly not to mention annoying.Bluewave’s goal was to design and manufacture a superior line of antennas that could withstand the rigors of installation and dependable operation in adverse environmental conditions. The antennas were to be superior electrically as well as mechanically. In addition, since the cost of installation of a Yagi antenna can easily exceed the cost of the antenna itself, it was considered important to build features into the antenna that would allow an easy and cost-effective installation. It was also extremely important to make sure that once installed, that the antenna would consistently perform to spec for the life of the system.

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