Axner Pottery & Ceramic Supplies

490 Kane Court
Oviedo, Florida
32765, USA

phone (407) 365-2600
fax (407) 365-5573

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About Axner Pottery Supply Axner Pottery Supply founded in 1978 by working potter Howard Axner, now boasts the largest selection of pottery books, supplies and equipment in the known universe.Our mission is to serve you, our customer, in a way that far exceeds your expectations. This site is part of that commitment. Unlike other online stores, Axner Online is backed by a finely tuned 'bricks and mortar' organization. Think of us as the 'clicks and mortar' online ceramic source.This is not just rhetoric... we work hard to systematically get better at this every day! For example, nearly three years ago we made a commitment to get all stock orders out within 48 hours. Over the past two years, 99% of our stock orders actually met that goal and most of them actually shipped within 24 hours. Now, we are striving to get all stock orders placed before 3:00 PM, shipped out that very day. We have not yet fully achieved our new and revised goal, but we will.

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  • Year founded:1978

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