Austin & Austin Insurance Services, Inc

5776 Stoneridge Mall Rd
Pleasanton, California
94588, USA

phone (925) 416-1692

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One of the largest independent brokers for real estate and related errors and omissions insurance. Our services include policies for large, small, franchise and independent offices. We enjoy endorsement relationships for errors and omissions insurance with Old Republic Home Protection, Realty World of Northern California and Northern Nevada and the Bay East Association of Realtors . We are licensed in several states and the list is growing. Our endorsement as the broker for the Bay East Association of Realtors (formerly the Southern Alameda County Association of Realtors ) has been in effect since 1990. This program includes health, dental, vision and errors and omissions insurance. We are closely associated with an Allstate Insurance agency that offers personal lines property and casualty insurance (home, auto, life, etc.).

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  • Service provider

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