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Animal Food Services

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AFS production of fresh-frozen raw meat diets began in 1991, founded by Gerry Nash. Nash began formulating fresh meat diets back in the early 1970's, and introduced his perfected diets in 1975, selling to zoos, circuses and greyhound racing dogs. Extensive experiments, testing, detailed analyses and favorable trials laid the groundwork for the great success AFS is experiencing today! The main goal of this company has always been to create and distribute the most natural and nutritionally sound meat diets possible--for our true "carnivorous" animals. Realizing how beneficial their products were to the commercial industry, AFS broadened its marketing approach toward the general public. The tremendous responses gained from domestic pet owners, breeders, veterinarians, etc. has supported this company's view that a market niche is eminent for fresh frozen and freeze-dried, meat-based animal diets. This company continues to supply the most nutritionally sound animal foods available for a reasonable price! AFS diets are composed primarily of beef and meat by-products (internal organ meats such as hearts, livers, kidneys, tripe, etc.) all naturally nutritious ingredients. All ingredients originate only from animals slaughtered in USDA regulated and inspected meat packing plants. These ingredients are handled with the utmost of care to ensure superior quality in every pound of AFS fresh-frozen meat diets...

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