Ames Performance Engineering

Bonney Road
Marlborough, New Hampshire
3455, USA

phone (603) 876-4514

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. Please tell us which catalog you are using, your customer number from your catalog mailing label, the part numbers, and a brief description of the items desired. Parts may also be ordered by mailing or faxing the order blank located toward the rear of this catalog.Methods of payment: We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and moneyorders. (Personal and company checks are also accepted. However, we reserve the right to hold large personal checks for proper clearance.) We also offer COD shipping (Note: Cash Only); COD charges are $5.00 additional per box. Note: We cannot ship COD orders by air. When using credit cards be sure to give complete card number, expiration date, and card holders name with billing address on each order. Minimum order is $10.QUALITY:Twenty-nine years of the finest! Disregard those "Us vs them" ads since we have always tested and chosen the best products.

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