Americas Best Real Estate Education Corporation

1601 E Front St
Port Angeles, Washington
98362, USA

phone (360) 683-6640

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About company

In August 1999, AMERICAS BEST became the third ARELLO certified provider of distance education courses. We were the second school in the nation to offer state approved real estate courses taught entirely on computer. In the ensuing 6 years we have received 38 ARELLO certifications (plus six pending) for Prelicense, Post License and Continuing Education courses for the real estate industry. Since then, AMERICAS BEST has obtained state regulatory approval to offer courses in 28 states. We are proud to state that all course creation, technical support and customer support is done in AMERICA. We do not outsource to foreign countries. When you see the logo and name AMERICAS BEST on a course, you can expect the best in content, delivery method and customer service.

Fact sheet

  • Number of employees:5-9

Company contacts

Susan Davis (Owner)

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