Administrative and Residual Employees Union

705 N Mountain Rd
Newington, Connecticut
06111-1411, USA

phone (860) 953-1316

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About company

The mission of the A&R Union is to aid bargaining unit employees in obtaining fair and improved wages, hours and working conditions; to support and cooperate with state employee labor organizations and other workers in obtaining mutual goals and benefits, while encouraging AFL-CIO affiliation for all; to promote, protect and advance the principles of collective bargaining; to encourage all bargaining unit employees without discrimination against any person or group, to join and participate in all activities of this labor union; to secure legislation and administrative action which will safeguard and promote the goals of state employees and the security, strength and vitality of state employment and collective bargaining; to protect and strengthen our democratic institutions, the labor movement in general and the aims and goals of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations; to safeguard the democratic character of the labor movement and to protect the autonomy of this Union; and to encourage and support the purchase of Union goods and services.

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