Accurate Assessments, Inc.

1823 Harney St Ste 101
Omaha, Nebraska
68102, USA

phone (402) 341-8911

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Accurate Assessments, a division of Orion Healthcare Technology, Inc., is a leading provider of clinical, health and management software. A dedication to innovative solutions and superior customer service has been the foundation of the company's high level of success and achievement. Since it began in 1992 with its first automated Addiction Severity Index (ASI), Accurate Assessments has evolved into a team of experts in developing software solutions for the behavioral healthcare industry. The results achieved by this experienced team have been truly phenomenal. Accurate Assessments' products are currently found in an amazing variety of settings: hospitals, private therapists' offices, prisons, nonprofit and for-profit behavioral health agencies, substance abuse addiction treatment programs, university research centers, managed care organizations, probation offices, methadone clinics and more...

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