AAA Auction Service

2110 Mcconnell Dr
New Haven, Indiana
46774, USA

phone (260) 493-6585
fax (260) 749-0195

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AAA Auction Service, Inc. has been a long-standing icon in the community and business world in the Allen County area for many years. The sound of an auctioneer's chant when he was a child inspired O.G. "Bud" Steinman's dream of being an auctioneer. The dream became a reality after he decided to sell his trucking company in 1966. He started working in the auction business part time while he was a full time bookkeeper. Bud Steinman decided to take the next step in his auctioneering career by attending Reppert's School of Auctioneering in Decatur, Indiana. After his education, he started doing household auctions part time and during the evenings. In 1972, after numerous requests to have auctions, Bud decided to leave his job of bookkeeping and work full time for his auction business. His auctions grew to Saturday during days and nights. During those times, many new auctioneers worked for AAA Auction to learn the auction profession before starting their own companies upon graduation. In 1982, AAA Auction Service took another instrumental step by moving from their leased building to their newly built auction center at 2110 McConnell Drive in New Haven, Indiana. This has been the home of AAA Auction to this day. As business grew, Bud hired another auctioneer to help with the industrial and commercial auctions. This brought a new dimension to the auction business for AAA Auction. A new era in the auction company began when Ron Steinman, Bud's son, joined AAA Auction full time in...

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  • Service provider

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  • Number of employees:1-4

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Ron Steinman (Owner)

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